Hearing Impaired Services

The Facts:

  • 9 to 22 people out of 1000 in the US have significant hearing issues
  • Over 70,000 children in the US receive special education services because of hearing impairments
  • Of children with hearing impairments, 20.5% also have significant developmental and learning disabilities
  • NJ has very limited resources dedicated exclusively to deaf children with multiple disabilities

First Children has developed a highly specialized program dedicated for multiply challenged deaf students and their families.

The program is multi-faceted:

  • Transitional Classroom.  A dedicated classroom led by a certified Teacher of the Deaf with years of experience working with multiply challenged deaf students.  Our goal is to enable children to eventually transition back into regular or special needs classrooms in their home districts. Trained and experienced staff are able to shadow children in their public schools during the transition.
  • In-Class and Pull-Out Support.  Certified Teachers of the Deaf provide in-class support for hearing impaired students.  Students are pulled out of class for regular sessions focusing on increased communicative and cognitive abilities.
  • Therapies. Speech Pathologists with Deaf Education backgrounds provide language, speech and auditory training.  Children in the program also receive group and individual physical and occupational therapy.  Behavior therapy (under the supervision of a certified behavior analyst) is designed to accommodate the student’s hearing challenges.
  • Parent Assistance. Parents are provided with specific training, including American Sign Language, to assist in the transference of skills learned in the classroom to their home and community environments.  First Children’s school social worker reaches out to families to help them identify community resources that will accommodate the special needs of these children.